Dream Hike to Wiesensee

Come and explore a beautiful family friendly hike, through meandering forest paths alongside babbling brooks and streams full of pure water. The goal is Wiesensee, the 78th lake of the Salzkammergut that briefly appears after the winter snow melt. Did we find it? You’ll have to watch the video below! Leaving the Rosenhof by bike is a great way to begin your adventure as the start of this wonderful walk […]

Beautiful forest path on the way to Wiesensee

E-Bikes Are Rad

One of the most enjoyable activities around the Salzkammergut has to be cycling. With the superb R2 cycle network as well as countless forest and mountain trails there are a variety of options to suit all. Now that e-bikes can assist with the uphill section this can open up some routes for those of us who may have struggled before, or can simply allow for longer or faster outings, just […]

3 Stunning Walks for Autumn in Austria

Over the years we’ve come to expect some really nice warm days and even weeks at this late stage of the year, that is mid October. With Autumn (or Herbst as we say in Austria) in full swing the colours of the leaves contrasted against azure skies makes for a delightful scene. When added to the scenery of the Salzkammergut the result is stunning! Amongst all this choice we have […]

Splendid Snowshoe Hike on Feuerkogel

On a crisp bluebird day after a fall of fresh powder we can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather be than up on the mountain, so we decided to check out the snow shoe trails at the Feuerkogel, our local mountain and ski resort. The snowshoe trails are clearly marked (even after lots of snow) but if you prefer a guide then snow shoe tours are on offer and a free tour is […]

Cool Kayak on Traunsee

With Summer in full flow here we were reminded of one of our favourite outings last year when we got out for a paddle on Traunsee, which handily for us is only a short distance from the Rosenhof. The Traunsee is one of the most dramatic lakes in the Salzkammergut region of Austria, and is also the deepest lake in Austria, but have no fear it is also pretty shallow […]

Summer Sun Sun Sun

Although the Rosenhof is surrounded by stunning mountains it doesn’t mean we have snow or even cold conditions through the year. In fact from May to September the average temperature is nearer 20C/68F but often temperatures reach highs of 30C/86F and above – this is often surprising to many of our guests many of whom anticipate cooler weather on their Summer holiday. However, mountains are never to be underestimated and […]

Beautiful Cycle to St. Wolfgang

It would seem that after writing the last blog entry about the superb weather we had experienced in May that I well and truly jinxed the next fortnight as we barely saw the Sun. Instead we were deluged with unusually persistent and at times torrential rain, so much so that in the first weekend of June many rivers around Austria and Germany as well as Eastern Europe broke their banks […]

Great day’s hike to our local cave

With the fantastic weather we’re experiencing at the moment and the abundance of beautiful Spring flowers it would be rude not to get out and take a walk in the mountains! One of the features of the dramatic mountains that surround us is the limestone which means there are some great cave systems around, and it was with this in mind that we headed off on a 9km hike to […]

Not long til Winter!

Wow, over half a year since our last update, think we know what our New Year’s resolution is! Our lack of blogging certainly isn’t due to having nothing to write about though, last winter was one of the best we’ve ever seen out here in the Alps and with the cold weather and snow already falling, this year looks like it could be just as epic. Whilst we’re excited about […]