Summer Sun Sun Sun

Although the Rosenhof is surrounded by stunning mountains it doesn’t mean we have snow or even cold conditions through the year. In fact from May to September the average temperature is nearer 20C/68F but often temperatures reach highs of 30C/86F and above – this is often surprising to many of our guests many of whom anticipate cooler weather on their Summer holiday.

However, mountains are never to be underestimated and conditions can change quickly which is why it’s best to follow the Scouts motto and always be prepared! It’s a good idea to take a “just in case” bag out with you on any excursion into the mountains, which should at least have sun cream, sun glasses, sun hat, waterproof rain jacket, mobile phone (with the emergency services number in it) and a decent map of the surroundings (swim wear is also a good idea if you’re planning a dip in the lakes!).

Take a look at some of our snaps from the Summer so far to get an idea for the weather that we are lucky enough to be treated to for a lot of the Summer 🙂

View from the balcony of the family/superior suites at the Rosenhof
Looking back at the Rosenhof and onto the balcony on a lovely Summer’s day
A view onto Traunsee with the flat top of the peak of the Traunstein near centre
OK it’s not a Summer photo but Winter is my favourite time of year and this is a pretty shot from the top of the Feuerkogel!

For our weather forecasts we like to use the mostly correct though occasionally pessimistic forecast
but mostly we just take a look out of the window! If you’re not lucky enough to be staying with us 😉 then you’ll have to make do with the webcam located nearer the centre of Ebensee.

About Robert Blee

Addicted to snowboarding, cycling, hiking and most activities involving the stunning lakes and mountains around us, I love living in Ebensee, Austria!