Splendid Snowshoe Hike on Feuerkogel

On a crisp bluebird day after a fall of fresh powder we can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather be than up on the mountain, so we decided to check out the snow shoe trails at the Feuerkogel, our local mountain and ski resort. The snowshoe trails are clearly marked (even after lots of snow) but if you prefer a guide then snow shoe tours are on offer and a free tour is available every Wednesday morning. All you need is a lift pass which is also discounted on a Wednesday and snow shoes which can be hired at the top of the Feuerkogel cable car.

We really enjoyed our day up there and decided to do the snowshoe trail to the Europacross at the summit of Abfelderkogel, and then as our legs still had energy we went to the summit of Helmeskogel too!

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words so onto the visual essay! For a larger view just click on a photo.


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Addicted to snowboarding, cycling, hiking and most activities involving the stunning lakes and mountains around us, I love living in Ebensee, Austria!