Splendid Snowshoe Hike on Feuerkogel

On a crisp bluebird day after a fall of fresh powder we can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather be than up on the mountain, so we decided to check out the snow shoe trails at the Feuerkogel, our local mountain and ski resort. The snowshoe trails are clearly marked (even after lots of snow) but if you prefer a guide then snow shoe tours are on offer and a free tour is […]

Sublime Ski Safari

Although there are no big 5 animals to track on a ski safari in Austria, there are plenty of snowy areas to explore with excellent varied terrain, all surrounded by the most beautiful scenery of the Salzkammergut region in Austria. View from the top of the sunniest plateau in Upper Austria, the Feuerkogel From Ebensee and the Rosenhof it’s possible to access 5 different ski areas with a great variety […]

Snowshoe and Ski Touring

I must admit, I’d always wondered what on earth possessed folks to travel up hill in winter when all the fun, as far as I was concerned was in zooming down. Full disclosure,  I’m not that keen on skiing really, snowboarding is my addiction and how many of us do you see ever going up hill? Well, as fate would have it, Santa bought me some snowshoes this Christmas and […]