3 Stunning Walks for Autumn in Austria

Over the years we’ve come to expect some really nice warm days and even weeks at this late stage of the year, that is mid October. With Autumn (or Herbst as we say in Austria) in full swing the colours of the leaves contrasted against azure skies makes for a delightful scene. When added to the scenery of the Salzkammergut the result is stunning! Amongst all this choice we have chosen the following as our favourite 3 walks to enjoy the perfect mix of Autumnal colour and spectacular scenery.


Alpine Alm with views onto Traunstein in Austria

Gmundnerberghaus – good food and amazing views

Short and steep but with great views and pit stops when you reach the top having passed through large meadows and small forests. There are also opportunities to further the walk with some interesting family friendly activities en-route.

It is also possible to drive to the top and take in the breathtaking views and start one of a number of walks from the top. There is also a nice restaurant perched below the summit with a stunning view onto Traunsee and the surrounding area. The walks can be completed in an hour or a bit longer if starting in Altmunster.

View of Traunsee, Traunstein - beautiful lakes in Austria

Panoramic views from the top of the Gmundnerberg


Trees with Autumn colour in Austria

Autumn colours on path by Vorderer Langbathsee

We think the Langbath lakes are the crown jewels of the Salzkammergut, and in Autumn it would be hard for many to disagree as the beautiful colours and setting make for a stunning scene. The walk around both lakes is an easy walk with just a small ascent and is about 8km. Our top tip – take a bite to eat for a picnic at the Hinterer Langbathsee and linger a while to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

If you’ve still got energy to burn or want a more challenging route, then why not take on a bit of height and view the Vorderer Langbath lake from atop the Vorderer Signalkogel. At about 300m higher than the lake the views are impressive and is around an hour one way. There is also the opportunity to traverse to the Hinterer Signalkogel with views onto the Hinterer Langbathsee which is well worth it.

Beautiful lake in Austria

Mirror like Vorderer Langbathsee

Hoisnrad Alm

Austrian Alpine Alm with music

Traditional Alpine Quartet

There are many routes leading up to the Hoisnrad Alm, but our favourite is the varied and interesting route starting near the outskirts of Bad Ischl near Rettenbach on the Kaiser Jubiläumsweg. The approach has some challenging sections with big steps which we prefer to ascend rather than descend (easier on the knees!). As you near the Alm the rewards are laid on thick and fast with a beautiful panorama over forests, Bad Ischl and beyond into the Wolfgang valley.

The Alm itself has a great range of beers, radlers and good food. It is definitely worth heading up for a lunch and lingering a while for the superb views. When you’re ready to head down, we’d recommend taking the dramatic route looking down into the Rettenbach valley which is gentle on the knees with a nice gradient all the way back to the start of the Kaiser Jubiläumsweg. All in all a whole day is advisable for this last route with the type of terrain and length of the trail.

Austrian Alpine Alm with a beautiful panoramic view to Wolfgang lake and Schafberg

Hoisnrad Alm and part of the amazing view

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