Environmental Policy

Our environment is precious and we are well aware of the impact that tourism has on the landscape and the climate in general. As most travel involves flying in addition to the burden that tourism places on popular locations (additional consumption in utilities, rubbish, infrastructure, etc.), we are determined to minimise any detrimental effects our accommodation has on our surroundings and are committed to the following environmental policies:

  • Towel Reuse Plan
  • Linen Reuse Plan
  • Low Flow Toilets with Flush Interrupter
  • Faucet Aerators
  • Low Energy Lighting and Motion Sensors
  • Low Energy Appliances (TVs, Washing Machine, Dish Washer, Fridges, etc.)
  • Onsite Waste Management to Reduce (refillable toiletries, conserves served in glass pots, etc.), Reuse (tourist brochures, etc.) , and Recycle (paper, plastic, glass, etc.) materials as much as possible
  • Compost organic waste onsite
  • Onsite Gardening (fruits, herbs, vegetables) with Rainwater Collection for irrigation
  • Energy Monitoring and Temperature Control via Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Locally sourced produce for breakfast (honey, bread, etc.)
  • Encouraging Eco Tourism (cycling and hiking are what this area is all about after all! Kayaks and other human powered modes of transport also receive double thumbs up!)

As part of our commitment to reduce energy we will always remove electrical chargers from power outlets (when not attached to devices), close windows in winter to conserve heat in rooms, and turn lights, fans and other appropriate (don’t worry we won’t unplug your mobile!) electrical equipment off when the room is empty.

We are also committed to improving our green credentials even further by enhancing our range of locally procured breakfast items and additionally, we are seeking accreditation to become a member of the green leaders TripAdvisor program.

“Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints” – please respect this beautiful area and allow future generations to enjoy that which you have experienced by leaving the landscape unblemished and as you found it. Thank you.